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  • Experienced team of fully qualified carpenters in Melbourne
  • Always on time and on budget
  • Proven experience on large commercial carpentry projects
  • Able to adapt to a wide variety of site conditions
  • Experienced with custom prefabrication
  • Able to manage multiple phases of a project within a single team
  • Specialised equipment allows us to be extremely efficient and fast

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We are available to provide a free quote on your carpentry project. Simply get in touch via phone or email and give us some background information on your project. We’ll let you know if we can help, our availability, and are happy to visit the site if necessary in order to provide a free carpentry quote.


Looking for a Carpenter in Melbourne?

With more than 15 years’ construction experience, including more than 5 years in commercial carpentry, Herbert Carpentry Group work hard to be as timely and efficient as possible on each and every project.

Having worked with some of Melbourne’s largest commercial builders, our team of more than a dozen Melbourne carpenters approach each job with one guiding principal: to deliver what you need on time and on budget.